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Nokia Lumia line may not be heading to United States afterall?

Nokia World has come and gone and we got a lot of information related to Nokia’s plans for Q4 and early Q1 next year. As previously reported, Nokia is not coming state side until early next year. And while that is a huge bummer, Americans were given some hope at the prospect of at least the Lumia 710 coming to America early in Q1 2012 when it was displayed on Nokia’s US site. However, on further investigation, the Lumia line of devices may not come to the USA at the start of next year. Elop has indicated that a “portfolio of products” will arrive, but it appears it won’t be Lumia. Personally, I have to wonder which products are seriously coming if they’re not Lumia. Maybe the mythic Nokia 900? You never know.

via: engadget
source: wmpoweruser, thisismynext