nokia 800

Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 to come with Microsoft Lync and exclusive FLAC format support!

Another quick head’s up. If you take a look at the specs. of Nokia Windows Phone page of Nokia 800 and 710 – you’d notice something quite odd. First up is Microsoft Lync client noted as a feature which means it’s coming along with the devices. Micrsooft Lync client has been promised by Microsoft to see light of the day on Windows Phone this year, but we still haven’t seen it. With Nokia launching Lumia handsets as early as November in Europe, we are hoping for Lync client to be publicly available on all devices soon. Second thing we noticed is, to be honest quite shocking (in a good way) – FLAC Support is coming to Nokia Windows Phone devices. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself here FLAC is not a supported format in Zune, mind you. So this seems to be a Nokia exclusive. Yes, Zune doesn’t support FLAC, according to Wikipedia.

Follow more Nokia World coverage here. Detailed post on both Nokia 710 and 800 coming up. Stay tuned.



Nokia shows off Windows Phone features of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Well, the Nokia World keynote just wrapped up and Nokia revealed two new devices to the world – the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Of course, specs and photos are not enough for us, so Nokia has kindly posted a bunch of videos to its youtube channel showing off the various capabilities of its Lumia devices ranging from Navigation to Office to Entertainment to Messaging.

Here are links to the whole series that Nokia has put up :

Lumia 800 : Gangster Ironing , People and Messaging , Office and Mail , Music and Entertainment , Marketplace and Games , Drive and Maps , Browsing and Search, Wind Skating , Sign Spinner , The Designer’s Story.

Lumia 710 : People and Messaging , Office and Mail , Music and Entertainment , Marketplace and Games , Drive and Maps , Browsing and Search.

Nokia is sort of reintroducing Microsoft’s OS here to its customers and showing off the fruits of their labors, phones which have been taken from the sketch-board to shipping in just 8 months. And THAT is incredible.


Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 coming to India, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and more countries this year!

nokia 800

nokia 800

Stephen Elop keynote on Day 1 of Nokia World just concluded. Two new Windows Phone devices were launched along with 4 Symbian “dumbphones”. The two devices launched are  : Nokia 701 and Nokia 800. We’ll follow up this post with Full specs and price so stay tuned. For now, the good news is that Nokia 710 and 800 are coming to the following countries in November :  Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain while Russia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Singapore will get the Nokia’s new Windows Phone devices this year as well but not next month. Suprisingly, USA has been left out. The devices will roll out to the rest of the market in Q1 2012. Lumia 710 will retail for 270 Euros, equivalent to ~ 376$ ~ 18,562.50 Rupees.  Nokia 800 will retail for 420 Euros ~ $584.3  ~ 29,000 Rupees.

nokia 710

nokia 710

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. This was a quick heads up – we’ll follow the post with more detailed report on both Nokia 701 and Nokia 800. Stay tuned.

Tango VOIP

Tango for Windows Phones arrriving on 7 Nov

Ok, its Nokia World Day and I know you’re rather jumpy for rumours, scoops and sneak previews about the upcoming Nokia Windows Phones. WP Sauce has also been part of the excitement previewing, speculating, scooping, reporting and analysing about it. But before you jump again and start resetting your calendar for the Tango update for the Windows Phone OS, let me clarify that this post is about the Tango Video Chat App that has been in the works for some time.

Forbes is reporting that the cross platform Video Chat app, which is already available for iOS and Android and recently launched for Windows PC, is about to be released for Windows Phones in less than 2 weeks on 7 Nov 2011. In an interview with the Forbes magazine, Tango’s founder and CTO, Eric Setton has lauded Microsoft for closely co-operating with Tango to bring this app in time for the holiday season, leap frogging Skype as the first video calling solution on WP Mango handsets. In his opinion, ”Microsoft sees video-calling as a killer app for holiday season sales” and hence they collaborated with Tango in advising them on UI design and technical issues. The Tango app for WP closely follows the Metro design priciple as can be seen in this video.

Microsoft’s co-operation with Tango inspite of their $8.5 billionn acquisition of  Skype reveals a fresh approach towards integration of 3rd party apps which is very welcome. While it does provide them with a ready made solution for boosting sales in the coming holiday season while they work on deeply integrating Skype in their ecosystem, it also means that Microsoft is not adopting a Skype-only stance for VOIP and video call features. Its really putting people first in order to give them choice and to allow them to make video calls to their friends on other platforms, thereby preventing ghetto-isation of WP users. Yet, since Tango provides more or less the same features as Skype, it may mean that Microsoft has plans to implement Skype integration in its ecosystem in a manner to provide much greater functionality and user satisfaction than third party apps. So, while Skype on WP7 is still some months away, go on video calling your friends with Tango from 7 Nov onwards if you have a Mango handset. I do hope though, that users with devices that do not have a front facing camera, can also use the app if they wish to show the scenery to their friends.

titan vs lumia 800

Benchmarks of Nokia’s Windows Phone : Lumia 800

The slew of leaks just keeps on coming and we aren’t complaining. Maybe its just a measure of the anticipation of the hype around today’s event or just a few well-placed sources but TNW has obtained benchmarks of the Lumia 800, one of the three Windows Phones Nokia’s supposed to launch today.
First up are the Browsermark and Sunspider results where admittedly the Lumia’s doesn’t take any performance crowns but its not expected to seeing as its fighting against devices with dual-core chips inside. These benchmarks give an idea about the power of the CPU inside and browser optimization.

Next are the CPU Integer and CPU Floating Point results which give target the hardware’s performance directly. Espoo’s device performs very well here against the HTC Titan, which is among the best Windows Phones available in the market.

Going by the numbers, we can easily surmise that Nokia’s offerings will compete well against the current batch of phones running Redmond’s OS, though it will more interesting to see dual-core devices when support is added for them in Apollo. You can see more screenshots at the source link.