Windows Phone Advertising Roundup

As the official launch of Windows Phone 7.5 draws closer, a potential question asked is how will Windows Phone be marketed? If anyone recalls our previous reportings, Microsoft has stated it will become aggressive in their marketing of Windows Phone. Since then, a variety of different advertisements for Windows Phone has permeated in the Western hemisphere. So what were the advertisements exactly? Let’s take a quick look at them:

In Europe, Windows Phone has seemed to take off drastically. Starting with the following ad and continuing with several advertisement placements reported throughout the week, HTC appears to be capitalizing on the extra funding from Microsoft in several imaginative ways. For instance:

The above advertisement was that of the HTC Radar, with Annika Lischke, graphic designer/photographer, showing the power of Windows Phone for her work. Of course, other advertisements have sprouted up since then for the European Market:

The above image was taken from a very popular men’s magazine in the UK, which also showcases the HTC Radar. Below is an image of the HTC Titan in similar full page glory:

In Paris, a huge billboard covering the side of a building shows an advertisement of the HTC Titan. Uniquely, to show the comparative sizes, the HTC Titan is compared to the Eiffel Tower emphasizing on size:

While the images in Europe only showcase HTC related devices (and this is the HTC budget), it is expected that Samsung and Nokia will join in on the advertising party in Europe as well. However, how has America marketed Windows Phone? While Microsoft has indicated that advertising is up to the carriers versus the OEMs in Europe, America still gets the word out about Windows Phone that doesn’t involve get in, get out:

Zombie Windows Phone

In the first clip, a zombie is using a Windows Phone as apart of a sweepstakes for users to have a walk-on role as a zombie for the newest season of The Walking Dead. However, the next few clips showcase Windows Phone uses that doesn’t involve dead zombies:

Windows Phone Promo #1

Windows Phone Promo #2

Windows Phone Promo #3

In the above clips shows Windows Phone on NCIS, Hawaii Five-O and Psych. The Hawaii Five-O clip is particularly funny because the detectives make Skydrive and the functions of Windows Phone sound so futuristic when in fact it is very current and has been on the market for a year. Granted, the phones we see are the HD7, the product placement is far better than any we’ve seen so far.

Finally, Microsoft at their current stores in the United States are offering free Windows Phones for every $499 purchase at Microsoft. The phones are previous generations, but at least there is a proper showing of Windows Phone. Let’s hope the carriers advertise Windows Phone better.