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Limited launch for Nokia Windows Phone?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Nokia is investing a lot in Windows Phone as an operating system. Nor should it be a surprise that since the iPhone and Android have capitalized the market, Nokia shares aren’t as booming as they once were. Perhaps it is the latter point that requires specific attention, at least according to Elop as he indicated his limited rollout strategy for Windows Phone distribution for the rest of the quarter.

While Nokia is “pleased” with OEM support, Elop reminded that the company is being extremely deliberate in the sequence that the device is rolled out. However, let’s be reminded of the initial ideal rollout for the Nokia crop of Windows Phones:

Nokia also brings to the table differentiation amongst the Windows Phones. From the leaks reported, there is a wide variety of differentiation regarding design, hardware specs (rumored 1 GB of RAM versus 512 MB RAM) and of course the robust Nokia related services.

Is it possible that this is the rollout Elop referred to in the initial launch? It would ideally exclude North America and would primarily focus on the European market. However, Windows Phone is still relatively strong in EU so it may not be an issue of excluding North America due to an anti America slant but one that sells. However, we are hopeful that North America is added at the last minute. But of course, the only way to find out is to tune in to Nokia World next week.



The Nokia Sabre strikes a pose on camera

Does it seem like there’s a lot of leaks from Nokia lately? Unlike the renders of the Sea Ray, the leaked press invitations and Elop’s personal leak, this leak is of the Nokia Sabre, courtesy of pocketnow in its blurrycam glory.

The tipster indicated that the Nokia Sabre has a 1.4 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 3.5 inch capacitive WVGA screen resolution, with a 5 MP shooter on back. The sweet spot is the price tag, which is 300-350 EU. The interesting thing about the leak is the device is a prototype and the 3 standard Windows Phone buttons are blurred out. Assuming the specs are true, the device looks to be a killer mid-low range device especially with 1 GB RAM. Now will the Nokia Sea Ray (800) have that 1 GB of RAM? Best way to find out is to wait for Nokia World next Friday where Elop and Steve Ballmer will announce a bunch of Windows Phones.

source: pocketnow