Microsoft on the case for Mango issues

Remember the recent story concerning Windows Phone Mango issues? Now understandably, some issues are device specific. However, the most nagging issue is the keyboard disappearance issue that has occurred in a plethora of devices. Since the reporting on various blogs and mobile sites, Microsoft has confirmed the issue and will release an update to address these concerns. For the moment, a tap is necessary if your textbox turns gray.



Pricing of Next Gen Samsung Windows Phones

Start saving your money, the prices of the next gen Samsung Windows Phones have been released. wpcentral reports that the phones are priced as follows:

  • Samsung Focus S = $649
  • Samsung Omnia W = $569
  • Samsung Focus Flash = $569

Assumedly, these are the prices for the devices unlocked. However, we have to wonder if the Samsung Omnia W and the Samsung Focus Flash aren’t too expensive considering they’re the budget devices. When you see the competition (HTC) pricing for their lower end devices in the mid $400s, one has to wonder what Samsung is trying to accomplish. Although, it is likely with carrier subsidies, the prices of the phones will be drastically cheaper.

Are these phones too rich for your blood?

source: wpcentral
via: wpxap forums

LazyTube 3.0 for Windows Phone mango finally previewed, looks amazing! (Video)

LazyTube, in my opinion - the best Youtube application available in the marketplace, is being revamped for Mango and I can tell you – it’s friggin beautiful. I had a chance to test the alpha version of the application which had a completely new UI and absolutely lag free experience. Using the application felt like breeze, everything was buttery smooth and drop dead gorgeous. Being a Mango application, it brings you multitasking and most importantly – nifty secondary live tiles integration. I can guarantee you that you’d fall in love at first sight. Stellar work done by done by team at LazyWorm apps. Developers will be posting a bunch of videos every few days highlighting the features of LazyTube 3.0 and I definitely recommend that you subscribe to their Youtube channel. LazyTube 3.0, considering the time I have spent with an alpha build, is climbing the stairways to perfection. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final build and share my thoughts on the application right here on WPSauce. Till then, here’s a quick sneak peak at the LazyTube 3.0.


Angry birds windows phone clone

Angry birds clone for Windows Phone created in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code

I started my journey into Windows Phone development last month (Shameless Plug : search for ” Rahul Mathur ” in the marketplace to grab my applications). One of the things that intrigued me when I started programming was game development (XNA). It’s been a year since I started programming and I am still intrigued by game development just as much. It’s definitely not as easy as you think it is, trust me. Student Guru however has something that could inspire people like me to get back into game development for Windows Phone. has put together a tutorial to build a prototype of an Angry Birds clone in less than 5 minutes, also – only using Expression blend. Boom! Mind = blown, right?

Here’s a video of the complete building process :

( this guy should clearly apply to Guiness World Records, I can see his name already on the 2012 edition of the ridiculously overpriced book )

You need three things to replicate the process shown above ; Expression Blend, Farseer Physics Engine (main reason why you don’t have to write countless lines of code) and the complementary helper library : Physics Helper . Hit the source link below for the complete tutorial.

Source: StudentGuru