HTC Surround EOLed, making room for the Radar?

The AT&T HTC Surround has always been a unique entertainment device with a slide out speaker to enhance your tunes or annoy anyone closeby. But the loud beats offered by the stereo speakers played its last song. Both AT&T and Telus search results for the device result in devices not available, indicating the device is either sold out or EOL. Despite either possibility, in its musical ashes rises the HTC Radar, and just in time to flood the market. Live on in our minds and ears HTC surround!


Sprint Pushing Arrive Trade for iPhone 4S [Upd. The image is gone]

Any buyback program is tempting – you get the opportunity to trade in something old and used as credit for something new. And while many mobile carriers in America offer the option, the most recent one is a little cringe-worthy. To give users incentives to purchase the iPhone 4S, sprint is using the HTC Arrive in their buy back program. The device, barely even six months old, is seen to be the poster child for the buy back program (as well as up to $240 toward iPhone 4S). For most, the advertisement seems to be just another retail ploy, but for the Windows Phone users, well it’s like a dagger to our heart. Especially seeing there aren’t any options for their Android devices either.

And Sprint has taken down the offending page and replaced the phone with a different device. Not too shabby

source: wpcentral