Options to upload movies to youtube from Windows Phone

Youtube and Windows Phone has a unique history – from offering mobile support from the days of Windows Mobile to HTC creating their own dedicated Youtube program to give Windows Mobile users a unique experience not found on any platform at the time. One of the key features of HTC’s Youtube program was the ability to upload videos from your device to the main youtube website in a decent quality. However, when Windows rebranded its mobile platform into Windows Phone in 2010 and HTC released their crop of devices, it was expected that Youtube uploading would be one of the main features; much like its Windows Mobile versions. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Nor did Microsoft completely offer a solution to upload your videos taken on your new Windows Phone to Youtube. While Windows Phone Mango offers several sharing options, youtube isn’t among them. So, how would a user upload a video to Youtube from their device?

Currently, there are two programs that will have the functionality of uploading Youtube videos from your Windows. One is SocialCam, which is currently in beta and can be found by going to the following address:
Windows Phone Beta

Another program that has gained much notoriety is easyTube, which is currently in works to release a Mango update to the program to include several key features including:

  • Record and Upload Videos within the program
  • Play audio while multitasking
  • More information can be found at the following address:

    But if you need to have the ability to upload videos from Youtube right now and hate waiting,xda-developers user Budniu found an ingenious way to upload videos to youtube directly from your device. The steps involve setting up Youtube direct mobile uploads and are listed below:

    • Once you log into your personal YouTube account on your computer, select upload in the right corner
    • Select Youtube direct mobile uploads and click setup
    • Once completed, you will see an email address:
      Copy that email address to your Windows Phone and save the address as a contact to be added to your contacts list
    • Record a video on your Windows Phone, open up the Pictures Hub, select sharing, and send it to your email listed above.

    Unlike last year, there are several different ways to upload videos to Youtube. Some that require some patience and waiting for program updates and others that are more immediate. But let’s hope Google loosens some of those API restrictions to allow for mobile uploading.

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