Nokia 710, another Windows Phone?

With Nokia World looming, information related to unreleased Nokia Windows Phones have been leaked ad nauseum. This current leak, from My Nokia Blog is of the Nokia 710 with specs indicated below:

  • 1.4 ghz Cortex A8
  • 3.7 in” 800×480 resolution clear black TFT
  • 720p recording at 30 FPS
  • 28 mm wide angle 5 MP camera
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 820mAh battery with 400 hours standby time, 5H 3g browsing, 7H GSM talk time, microsim

Understandably, a lot of the specs are interesting to say the least. While the 800×480 screen resolution and the 3.7 in. screen are perfectly in line with chassis 1 specifications, the processor seems a bit off. However, Da_G reminds that chassis one specifications include an ARMv7 based application processor, but it has to be a Qualcomm based chip. Perhaps the large question is what to make of this. It could be a placeholder, for an unreleased symbian, or it could be a windows phone. wpcentral notes that it could be a windows phone, possibly the Nokia Sabre. However, only time will tell. It’s best to wait til Nokia World in the coming weeks to discover exactly what Nokia has up their sleeve. For now, take this one and place it in the rumor folder.

via: wpcentral
source: my nokia blog, xda developers,


Forward Contact : App Review

I have a problem with Smartphone OSes. They do all the things in the world, except what they should do. I usually get into organizing lots of events and at times I have to send across contacts to my team members. My Nokia N73 had the option to forward the contact as a Business Card to anyone. An option, I miss in my HTC HD7 .

And so when Nirmit , who also writes for Windows Phone Sauce told me about his app – I was excited to try it out. Forward Contact is an app, that lets you forward details of your Contacts to someone via Messaging or Email . Now this was something, I was waiting for . And Forward Contact does this pretty well .

All you have to do is Select the contact – Choose how you want to send the Contact and Bingo ! You are done . Another cool feature ( that I totally Love ) is that the  app lets me generate QR Code of a certain contact !

Thanks a ton, Nirmit – for this app ! You guys go and download this app here ( Mango Only ) while I forward the cute chick’s number to Nirmit.



Chevron WP7 unlocking solution looming

It’s been quite a long time since anyone has heard news from the guys at Chevron (they were the first to provide a sideloading solution for Windows Phone last year). However, in their last post, a bold idea was recommended – a way to developer unlock your device that was supported by Microsoft, but didn’t require being a registered developer via Apphub or DreamSpark. Since their initial posting on June 17, 2011, many thought their initiative was dead on arrival. But the thoughts of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, because Chevron labs is close to releasing their unlocking solution. A quick reminder: the solution requires payment of 9 USD to receive unlock tokens, used for unlimited unlocks for their individual device. For more devices, more purchases of tokens. Want more details? Head over to the source and let us know if you are aching to developer unlock your device. Remember, this is not for hacking or illegal activities.

source: Chevron Labs


Compass, typing, and battery issues – trouble in Mango Paradise?

While many users are enjoying Windows Phone 7.5 (codename Windows Phone Mango) without any issues, the same cannot be said for a specific number of issues that have cropped up that are leading to user frustration.

The first reported issue is one related to the compass. Due to strict Microsoft chassis requirements, a digital compass is required in all Windows Phone, with full functionality in Mango. However, many users on xda-developers have indicated that the Dell Venue Pro’s compass always reads 100 degrees. On further investigation, xda-developers member MJS indicated that the driver is deleted in the following code:

NkUpdate succeeded.
NkUpdate: Writing the NK partition…
NkUpdate: Successfully wrote the NK partition.

**** Starting IMGFS Update @ 16:46:58 ****
Deleting file compassDrv.dll.

This is not the only device that has issues with their compass. HTC Mozart users also complain of compass issues similar to Dell Venue Pro behavior, and it is difficult to determine whether the driver is deleted throughout the process.

Another issue that is causing some frustration occurs through the SMS interface. When typing a SMS, the actual text field becomes unhighlighted. While the simple solution is tapping to re-highlight the SMS Window, but it is an annoying issue. Personally its happened numerous times.

Finally, LG Optimus 7 users are reporting an issue with the battery meter not updating properly. monwindowsphone has an issue of steps to replicate the issue to determine which devices are affected:

  • Get out your phone watch
  • Go (in Mango) in the settings, energy saving, and note the current level of battery
  • Start a video game or simply use your device to make calls or surf for a while (preferably> 15 min)
  • Go back to the power saving settings and note again the battery level. At this point, the battery level should be, if you are affected by the bug, equal to the step 2
  • Put your phone in standby
  • Get out your phone watch and return immediately under the parameters of power saving: the level was at that time, though fallen.

Have any users reported any of the issues indicated? Let us know!

via: wpcentral, monwindowsphone


Samsung, HTC, and Nokia in on Marketing

Recently, Lees indicated that Microsoft’s Windows Phone advertising would become more aggressive by providing large sums of money to other OEMs for that very purpose. While he overtly indicated that Samsung, HTC, and Nokia were important to advertising, it seems that Nokia is extremely important for the international market, if money were an indicator. Microsoft has given Nokia a £20 million Christmas gift with the intention of marketing Windows Phone in the United Kingdom to go “big, bad, and boldly”. Combined with the £8 million given to Samsung for advertising, and the advertising HTC is receiving, it is possible that Mango may be in many stockings this season.

Source: Mobility Today
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