Chevron WP7 unlocking solution looming

It’s been quite a long time since anyone has heard news from the guys at Chevron (they were the first to provide a sideloading solution for Windows Phone last year). However, in their last post, a bold idea was recommended – a way to developer unlock your device that was supported by Microsoft, but didn’t require being a registered developer via Apphub or DreamSpark. Since their initial posting on June 17, 2011, many thought their initiative was dead on arrival. But the thoughts of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, because Chevron labs is close to releasing their unlocking solution. A quick reminder: the solution requires payment of 9 USD to receive unlock tokens, used for unlimited unlocks for their individual device. For more devices, more purchases of tokens. Want more details? Head over to the source and let us know if you are aching to developer unlock your device. Remember, this is not for hacking or illegal activities.

source: Chevron Labs

4 thoughts on “Chevron WP7 unlocking solution looming”

  1. So, this is not even close to what jailbreaking does for iOS? No nifty tweaks? No custom live tiles? No lockscreen notification center? No pulldown toggle menu? Where are the real hackers at?

    1. It was never going to be that. Chevron has always been a sideloading solution. Through that homebrew was developed, but Chevron didn’t condone that activity.

      1. That’s a bummer. Not knowing I could have root access is probably the one thing keeping me from jumping the iOS ship right now. At least on iOS I know they’ll always find an exploit, and I’ll always be able to install whatever little tweaks they create. Pity, really.

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