Nokia “SeaRay” and AirTel ?

Apparently a poster of AirTel has a picture of Nokia “SeaRay” (aka Nokia 800) alongside the tagline of “Welcome to the future of smartphones” has been spotted in the wild. If this is true, Nokia will be releasing their entire range of Windows Phone 7 handsets in India. Nokia has already said that they will be releasing their Windows Phones in India by Q1 2012.



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Can My Device WiFi Tether?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions asked by many Windows Phone Mango owners is whether their device can Wifi tether (commonly referred to as internet sharing). Microsoft has indicated that future devices have the feature onboard with carrier agreements, but what about the older devices? Do they have wifi tether enabled? Part of the answer lies in the chipset. If manufacturers use the BRCM 4329 wifi chipset, then the support for wifi tethering is either native on the device or is awaiting a firmware update. However, for the devices that use BRCM 4325, wifi tethering is a no go. So which devices have the appropriate chipset? The answer is listed below:

BRCM 4329 wifi chipset devices that work today

  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • Samsung Focus
  • HTC Mozart
  • HTC Titan
  • HTC Radar

The above devices have wifi tethering enabled – either through OEM ROM or using some hacking means. The devices that require some hacking are the Samsung Focus and the Samsung Omnia 7. Instructions for enabling wifi tethering can be found here.

Of course, there are also devices that have the BRCM 4329 wifi chip, but are waiting for support via their respective OEM or through other means. These devices have the chipset and should enable wifi tethering in the not too distant future:

BRCM 4329 wifi chipset devices that are waiting for future drivers

  • HTC HD7
  • HTC 7 Pro
  • HTC Surround
  • HTC Trophy
  • LG E900

The above devices may corroborate with previous reports that indicate wifi tethering is coming in a future Windows Phone update. For those owners of the devices, that is good news.

Finally, the only device that is using the BRCM 4325 Wifi Chipset that does not support wifi tethering. The Dell Venue Pro. Unfortunately, Dell Venue Pro owners will not be able to wifi tether, however USB tethering is enabled on almost every Windows Phone Device; including the Dell Venue Pro. To USB Tethering, however, a developer unlocked device is needed.

For now, it is only a matter of time before the devices with wifi tethering are released internationally and all users can enjoy the speeds gained.

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AT&T Buy One Titan, Get Another Phone Free [UPD] NO GO

It’s safe to say that everyone loves a good deal, right? This deal may be good to pass up. Microsoft’s Windows Phone facebook indicates that if a user purchases the HTC Titan, then you can get another phone free. While it looks good, it is difficult to say whether the deal will hold if the customer is purchasing the phone outright or if it requires a contract. Either way, it’s a great steal for users who want a Windows Phone, but requires another phone for work or school.

Are any readers going to cash in on the event? Discuss!

UPDATE Looks like the deal is dead before it even happened. Sorry all

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Windows Phone Nokia India

It’s official, Nokia Windows Phone devices coming to India in Q1 2012

Microsoft India officially launched Windows Phone in India today at a media only event held in the capital New Delhi ( Don’t forget to check our coverage here ). Between all the glittery Mango announcements and Radar launch - Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman of Microsoft India, tipped the media folks about the launch of Nokia’s Windows Phone. Apparently, they were all directed to read an Economic Times article to grab the exclusive news. Sadly, the news will be extremely disappointing for Windows Phone and Nokia enthusiasts in India.

Warning  :  Following news is not recommended for the faint hearted folks.

 Nokia India Managing director D Shivakumar in an interview with ET said,

“Work for the Windows phone is on track and it would be launched in the first quarter of next (calendar) year.”

You read that perfectly alright. Nokia is not launching it’s Windows phone line up in India this year. I fail to understand their motive behind this, Nokia’s biggest market in terms of sales is India, so why would they delay the launch in India? There’s nothing much we can do about this, we’ll just wait and watch amazing devices get announced at Nokia World, which will take eventually eternity to reach the Indian shores, sigh. Funny how Nokia is taking tips from Apple on how to approach smartphone market by following the ” First world countries – first!” approach. Remember Nokia, Asia made you what you are today and ignoring the enormous market in India, you’d be missing out on quite a potentially impressive initial sale numbers. Your call, Nokia. Your call.


Windows Phones Launched In India

Finally the day has come. Nine months after the first WP7 handsets were made available in India by HTC (HD7 on 29 Dec 2010 and Mozart on 3 Jan 2011), eight months after Dell launched the Venue Pro (4 Feb 2011), six months after the Windows Phone Marketplace was briefly opened on Zune (2 to 7 April 2011) and two weeks after the first WP7 phones in India received the 7.5 update and Web Marketplace was launched for Indian users, Microsoft India finally and officially launched the new generation Windows Phones in a media only event at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi today.

Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman of Microsoft India took the stage at 11:35 AM local time to kick off the much awaited launch in a packed room with all Softies wearing Red Lacoste T shirts emblazoned with the Windows Phone logo. He was then followed by Vikas Arora and Vineet Durrani who described the Metro Design language used in Windows Phones and went on to give a demo of the various features including Calendar and deep Facebook integration.  They also showed off the Bing Visual Search by scanning the cover of a book, a feature that, ironically is not yet available anywhere except the US (read about it in my post of yesterday). They also went on to demo a few local apps under development like Times of India, SnapDeal and CricInfo.

The devices announced for India were the HTC Radar (Rs 23,990), Samsung Omnia W (Rs 19,900) and yet to be priced Acer Allegro. The Radar would be available from next week while the other two would be up for grabs in November. All the devices in India will come preloaded with Windows Phone 7.5 and Marketplace would be available on the phones and the Web. However, Marketplace on Zune is still not available till I last checked in. It is surprising though, as Zune had switched it on for 5 days in April 2011. It was widely speculated then as a test run but Zune Support had clarified to this author via Twitter that it was switched on by accident.

Missing from the party today were LG, Dell and most importantly Nokia. While Dell has decided to lay off making Windows Phones after the superbly designed but badly handled Dell Venue Pro, LG Electronics has yet to announce any handsets for the Indian market. Nokia was not expected in today’s event anyway and they would announce their plans separately. A report in the Economic Times, however, quotes Nokia India MD D Sivakumar that Nokia Windows Phones would be available in 2012.

All the handsets announced for India are relatively low spec and flagship devices like HTC Titan with 4.7″ screen or Samsung Focus S (the Galaxy S II look-alike) haven’t found their way to the Indian shores. Does that disappoint Indian fans of Windows Phones? Or are they going to wait till Nokia comes up with their devices?

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