Microsoft to officially launch Windows Phone in India on October 12

Abhishek Baxi, from ILWP, received an invite from Microsoft India PR regarding the ” most awaited launch” which will most likely be detailed by Microsoft India Chairman, Bhaskar Pramanik.¬†Surprisingly, no details about agenda has been shared.



Windows Phone devices have been available since late last year. Yes, after 10 months – Windows Phone will be officially available in India. The marketplace is already accessible via the device but the marketplace on Zune client has been disabled, for months now. We first reported the appearance of Zune marketplace in India, apparently the post is M.I.A because of blogger -> wordpress transition, in April so Microsoft India has had sufficient time to test marketplace in India. What caused the delay? That’s an important question. More importantly, will Zune pass be made available in India? Lot of our readers have had this question for months and hopefully on October 12th, we’ll know about it.

The time has come for Microsoft to start aggressively marketing the Windows phone. HTC India still thinks Windows Phone is windows mobile, retailers have no clue about Windows phone, consumers aren’t even aware of existence of an operating system call Windows Phone. So Microsoft India has a lot of work to do. Partial responsibility for marketing push lies in the hand of OEMs. HTC and Dell did absolutely nothing to push their WP7 devices in India. Samsung is launching Omnia W next month, plus with official launch, we are hopefully going to see Windows Phone adverts. on multiple platforms.

Img credit РILWP