Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed: Microsoft needs to get the word out.

Just about 4 months ago Akshay Bakshi penned an article on this site regarding the lack of support for Windows Phone from carrier representatives (; it was short but to the point. The article stayed in my head for a while; I just couldn’t believe that poor sales for this amazing OS was in part to blame on carrier representatives (read sales people), that is…. until I decided to test the theory myself.

About a month ago I returned my beloved Venue Pro to Dell because I got tired of waiting for a firmware update that was never to come (Ill write about this in another post). Obviously I needed a phone so I went to my closet and pulled out my spare (Samsung Galaxy S 4G). I wasn’t about to shell out good money for a phone when new models were just around the corner. So, I was back on Android for approximately 2 weeks before I caved in and nearly pulled out all my hair fighting with what is undoubtedly the worst OS on the market. Defeated I walked into my local T-Mobile store and asked for an HD7. What I witnessed blew me away. The first thing the rep said was, “Why? Thats a sweet phone you already have”, referring to my Android device. I simple stated that Android in my opinion is POS and waited for my new phone. Thats when the rep asked me, with bewildered eyes mind you, “Are you really gonna take the HD7 over that? Its Windows!”. I was shocked, insulted, nay… angered. “So what if its Windows? Have you ever tried it?”. And then….. the response came….. wait for it……. wait for it……. wait for it……. “No, but I had the HD2″.

“ARGGGH! you mean to tell me you were never trained on the HD7?!?!” I immediately shouted. “No, but the HD2 was a horrible phone”, was his response.

This was not enough, this was one isolated incident no? So off I trekked to the very next T-Mobile store (1 block away) and again the exact same situation. Off I trekked to 2 local AT&T stores which I must admit one of which the sales rep was knowledgeable, and the other had his underpants showing OY!

Therein ladies and gents lies the problem, and Akshay was correct. I now firmly believe that if these reps knew a tiny bit more, if they had the slightest idea of what a joy Windows Phone is, the sales numbers would jump dramatically. Now, I can’t lay all the blame on sales people. Obviously Microsoft has to step up its game and market better. Also, its going to take some time for people to forge the acid reflux of an experience that was Windows Mobile. I’m sorry, I had 3 WM phone and got rid of each within a months time; including the HD2. However, there is opportunity here to take control and its being missed by Redmond. Maybe we can start a brigade and march forward into the wile market and educate? Maybe, but I gotta pick my kid up at 3 so I don’t think I can make it.