WP7 Game Preview: Kubik Adventures

 Kubik Adventures by Plunge Interactive is a tile-matching puzzle game available on the marketplace.

With nice graphics, a free trial and some good reviews on the marketplace, this game is worth checking out.

Here is the description from Zune Marketplace:

The most heart-pumping adventure arrives to your Windows Phone! Dive in
spectacular worlds of this amazing universe. The game has over 20 levels,
several difficulty settings and multiple game options.

Help Red, Cherry and other surprise characters to destroy all the monsters
that plague the universe of Kubik, get all the treasures and the greatest number
of points. Beware of the many traps on the road to find the ultimate treasure,
it won’t be easy!

Kubik Adventures is a puzzle game made to enterntaint the most, keeping you
in maximum tension, addicted to the gameplay, unable to leave the game with its
amazing animations and special effects that will give you the most fun and
playability. In addition, you can tilt the phone and use the accelerometer to
create incredible combos. Also get inspired by its amazing songs and FX.

Here is a gameplay video:

You can download this game from Zune Marketplace here

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