Tango build spotted

Windows Phone tango build 8301 spotted in application stats

Windows Phone Tango has been a huge mystery for quite some time now. Only thing we know about Tango is the addition of System wide content search (like iOS).  Niko Vrdoljak, a develeper, of  Windows Phone applicationI’m a WP7spotted Windows Phone tango build 7.10.8301 in application statistics.

Tango build spotted

As you can see from the image above, the build here is 8301 which is a significant update to the previously reported build 8200 (which showcased content search). How long before a Tango build leaks to the web? I can’t wait to see what’s new. Tell us what you think should be made available in the Tango update.

Correction: Niko isn’t the developer of the application as incorrectly stated previously. The developers are liquid daffodil. Thanks, Scott!

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