Unofficial Windows phone app for Microsoft Lync, Xync, coming soon

Screenshot of Xync

Microsoft Lync, a unified communication and presence product from Microsoft does not have mobile apps, a shortcoming that is rather unsatisfying. Thankfully, Damaka, a mobile unified communications company based out of Texas have previewed Xync, their set of apps for Microsoft Lync.

Matt Landis, a UC blogger has an interview with Damaka on his blog. In it, he wonders why Microsoft has not yet come up with official apps of their own. Damaka claims that their smaller and more nimble workforce enable them to quickly come up with the apps.

The apps will be initially targeted towards Android and iOS platforms, though the company claims that native access to the Camera API in Mango enable them to build an app for Windows Phone in the future. In any case, this is a much welcome addition for the many corporate customers of Microsoft Lync, the largest of whom is probably Microsoft themselves.

Head on over to Matt Landis’ blog for the entire interview, or check out the project page on the Damaka website.

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