Orange France to disable Wifi Sharing, Group MMS and Visual Voicemail in upcoming Mango Update

Disappointing news coming in. Smartphone France got hold of the internal memo which was distributed to Orange employees regarding Windows Phone mango update. The translated version is embedded below:

As of September 15, 2011, our customers WP7 Orange mobile users will benefit from the updated WP7.5 (called Mango). Orange mobiles concerned => HTC Mozart / LG Optimus 7 / 7 Samsung Omnia PRINCIPLE Microsoft campaign spread over four weeks to avoid overloading servers and touch all of our clients. Receiving a pop-up on the mobile offering the update. Updated to do from a computer via Zune (The customer does not lose its contacts or its applications or multimedia content during this operation). PARTICULARITY ORANGE Updating Mango Orange validated does not contain the following features (to come on next update): - sharing wifi - visual voicemail - the sending of MMS Group EPORTS the update Mango In terms of communication: - The creation of topics of conversations with contacts, bringing together seamlessly SMS, Live Messenger and all messaging components used (including Facebook).- The creation of contact groups, each group can be pinned on the home screen. The group brings together all of the activity of the persons concerned, and can send an SMS or email to everyone in one go. - Better integration of social networks with support for Twitter and LinkedIn contacts directly into the address book - universal mailbox (multiple accounts together in one place) - Organization of mails by conversation - Speech recognition allows you to enter messages dictated. Received messages can benefit from speech synthesis. In terms of management applications: - Applications can be dynamic vignettes (some apps like Orange Orange WiFi apps and third) Dynamic Thumbnails no longer require that the application is completely open to receive updated information. - Multitasking: Applications can work in the background and can move quickly from one to another. For part Internet: - Internet Explorer Mobile 9, which incorporates the same engine as the version for Vista and Windows 7 and is compatible HTML5 - All around me, which provides results “hyper” for restaurants, shops and other activities, accompanied by guides - New version of Bing with Vision (scan QR codes, etc..) Music Search (which works like Shazam) and Voice. - When searching for a product, a film of an event or place, Bing provides a summary of information essential, with potentially relevant applications. For multimedia: - Volume control and pieces from the screen lock - Better management of the interface of Zune player in the shortest access to the shuffle, repeat, history, access to biography.


Well, we can’t say we didn’t see that coming. Wifi sharing isn’t really popular among carriers. Not only did they disable wifi sharing though, they also disabled visual voicemail and group MMS which boggles my mind. Orange is clearly ruining the experience for French users and I’d strictly recommend that you invest in an unlocked device if you are buying a new device. For existing users, well – carries are just being carriers here. Ruining the OS experience bits by bits.




2 thoughts on “Orange France to disable Wifi Sharing, Group MMS and Visual Voicemail in upcoming Mango Update”

  1. Naughty.. which is odd considering Orange in France was one of the companies that I found to be the most supportive of WP7 in Europe.

    Makes sense I guess.. but still.

  2. I tried to get through your post but you have to format it better. The body’s just an unwieldy swathe of text. Listing the features/upgrades in separate lines would’ve greatly enhanced readability.

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