Mango coming next week? (Rumor)

Windows phone dev podcast, popular Windows Phone podcast’s hosts Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk apparently have heard from “various sources” that Mango will be coming next week along with the final version of Windows Phone developer tools. There is no way to authenticate their sources but the community has faith in the Lowdermilk brothers. There’s no harm in believing another rumor now, right?

You can listen to the podcast here.

Jump to 34:00 for Mango news.

9 thoughts on “Mango coming next week? (Rumor)”

  1. Hope that includes a word from Microsoft about expanding the Zune services, as Belfiore has alluded on his Twitter a while ago. How Zune’s been “growing” internationally is a damn joke.

  2. Dell Venue Pro not with Prelim ship date of 9/20, this has been changing daily started out on the 15th, changed today to tomorrow.   I wonder if MS is holding the release date for some reason?

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