Windows Phone web marketplace now live, available globally (including India)

Today is the official day for Mango update and perfectly in tune with it, Microsoft has just made Windows phone web marketplace available for users. Windows Phone  web marketplace replaced the Windows Mobile marketplace, which was quite a dud. Windows Phone Blog officially announced the web marketplace in May.  By default, I was taken to the US marketplace but then you could switch to other countries as well. I am using the Indian marketplace right now, which shows local currency (Rupees, in my case). The problem is that I haven’t been able to download the application because my primary ID is different from the Live ID I am logged in – so if you give it a try, please let us know.



The website is quite Metro – isque, features all possible categories you’d notice on your phone. This is a huge step from Microsoft, following the footsteps of iTunes application marketplace on web, focussed on welfare of the developers. This will help developers immensely, no more download links that will take users to Zune on your desktop. Just show the application in the web, users can now share the applications as well – huge publicity bonus for developers and if they like it, they can instantly buy it after reading local marketplace reviews. Very neat.

Mango update is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for the tip Aakash !

I Unlock Joy

Build Apps, Get a Windows Phone : Microsoft India to Students

Yes, You heard it right ! Microsoft India has launched a program titled ” I Unlock Joy ” for students above 16 years of age . Under this program , Students registered in a  accredited educational institution that grants high-school or college/university degree get a Windows Phone 7 if they build 4 apps and launch them on the Marketplace.

You will also have to be a part of the DreamSpark program ( A Registered member at the DreamSpark Portal ) . You can check out more about the program by visiting this website ( Oh ! And we think they have built a real cool website ).

I have been associated with Microsoft India via the Microsoft Student Partners program and they have been trying to promote Windows Phone 7 aggressively . I feel bringing up such programs will ensure more awareness about Windows Phone 7 in the Student Community.

So what are you guys waiting for ? – This is a perfect chance to make use of your Student Status . Develop some cool apps and get a Windows Phone.