Russia Windows phone mango

Russian social networks to get Facebook and Twitter like native integration in Mango?

Russia witnessed official launch of HTC Mozart, HTC Radar and HTC Titan in a special HTC event. Similar events were held in couple of countries last week to globally announce the launch of Radar and Titan, two new HTC windows phone mango devices . Florian Seiche, head of HTC EMEA, got up on stage and realistically pointed out HTC has ” big plans ” for sales of Windows phone devices in Russia but they are expecting slow growth rather than a sharp jump. Russian website EnjoyIT attended the event and have all the details. Most interesting of them all is the pimping of Social Hub. EnjoyIT apparently have heard of rumors which suggest that Russian social networks will be natively integration in Windows Phone mango, similar to Facebook and Twitter. This could be interesting. Popular networks like Yandex, Classmates and OpenID are supposedly involved. Yandex, as you probably know, is pretty big in Russia. On the eve of official Windows Phone device release in Russia, they have released a dedicated Windows Phone application. Baidu:China::Yandex:Russia. Yep, it’s the most popular search engine in Russia. It’s more than just a search engine though. How will that fit in the social integration equation though is an important question. We’ll keep you updated on how this pans out when devices are released in the Russian market which should be October.

Image credit and Source:  EnjoyIT