Windows Phone Tango1, Tango 2 and Apollo spotted in a job listing, voice integration for email coming in Apollo

Windows phone mango hasn’t even been released yet and here we are talking about Tango and Apollo. In case you missed it, here’s our Tango and Apollo coverage. Tango is supposedly a minor update, similar to NoDo update push while Apollo is said to be the major update, which is in tune with 1 major upgrade per year cycle, supposedly called Windows Phone 8. Now there’s no conclusive proof of Tango being minor and  Apollo being major upgrade. In fact, we have been hearing reports of Tango update being pushed out only to developing nations as it is being developed for low cost handsets in mind. Still sounds ridiculous to me.

ZDNet discovered something really interesting today which sort of goes in sync with what Mary Jo Foley dug up a while ago. According to the post, Tango1 is targetted for low cost devices which will come with pre loaded Tango. So Mango might just be upgradeable to Tango. Instead theywill run on seperate devices. Tango2 will essentially be an update to Tango1.

Here’s the job listing that makes all three rumored code names official:



Here’s something very interesting. Microsoft Intern Arunabh Verma has implemented Voice Compose and Voice Read out loud for native email clients just like the pre existing voice integration for messages. He specifically mentions that this feature has been implemented for Windows phone 8.

There’s more to it. There is apparently a rumor suggesting that Windows 8 will run on mobile devices as well. Take it with a pinch of salt.

So lots of official confirmnations today. Looking forward to more feature leaks in the near future. Stay tuned here for more updates on both Tango and Apollo. We are keeping a close eye on Tango because if it’s low cost device target model is true, it could be disruptive in my native country. Just what Microsoft needs right now.