AVG for Windows phone

AVG app for Windows Phone pulled from marketplace after reports of suspicious activities

A couple of days ago AVG mobilation launched it’s first Anti virus scanning Windows phone application. Anti virus scanner for Windows Phone OS? Doesn’t make sense. After a scan – it turns out that it just limits the scan to search for malwares in images and songs. Not useful at all. Rafael Rivera dived a bit deeper to get more details. From the blog:

Unfortunately, there just isn’t any malware to scan for on Windows Phone. So… what does this thing do? It displays ads and scans for EICAR test strings. Oh and the word עברית (Hebrew).


Yep. That’s it. Basically, it’s just showing you advertisements while traversing your music and images. Not cool, AVG.

To make matters worse, @JustinAngel reported that the application is using GeoCoordinatewatcher which tracks phone and sends identifying information to AVG. Centurion has his own theory for this.

More from WPCentral :

Over at Centurion’s Blog, he breaks it down to four possible uses:

  • Quality assurance
  • Info is sent to their Android app
  • Geo info is used for location based search
  • Collected data is used for marketing purposes
Several users expressed their concern and now finally Brandon Watson has informed users that AVG application has been pulled from the marketplace.
AVG for Windows phone
It totally deserved to be kicked out of the marketplace and hopefully never sees the day of light. Thanks but not thanks, AVG. I don’t see how your service fits this platform.

When was the last time you saw an anti virus scanner application getting blasted for suspicious activities?