HTC Titan

HTC launching two more Windows Phone Mango apps – Watch and Location

HTC, during the launch of their two new Windows phone 7 devices, Radar and Titan, revealed HTC Watch for Windows Phone. HTC Watch was announced back in ¬†April exclusively for Android devices ( incl. HTC Salsa ). What’s Watch all about? Well, it’s a video streaming service. More from Techcrunch:

The service buffers video and allows you to watch movies immediately upon requesting them, thereby assuaging the pain many feel when they have to download large videos on the road.

Here’s the video showing you a glimpse of HTC Watch in action:

Switch to 0:15 for HTC Watch sneak preview

There’s another interesting application, which is an addition to the HTC Hub, it’s called HTC location. PC World have more details:


A new “Location” app brings the GPS-based Footprints technology over from Android, allowing you to mark locations where you’ve been and make little notes to yourself.

HTC Titan

At this moment, there is no release date for these two applications on other HTC devices. But we are hoping they are part of the Mango update batch HTC hub which will be coming as soon as Mango will be made available to the Public ( hopefully this month! ).



HTC Titan & Radar spec sheet confirms tethering support coming to Mango

HTC officialy announced two new Windows Phone 7 devices today: HTC Radar and HTC Titan. You can read more about them here and here.

If you look closely at the specifications, you’d notice that HTC Radar and Titan both have Tethering support which can only mean one thing – Internet tethering is indeed a Mango feature (earlier reported here). I can imagine some of you literally jumping with joy right now