Nokia Closing Symbian Business In North America

With its first Windows Phone in the horizon Nokia has decided to put it’s Symbian handsets and other feature phones to rest in North America.
In an Interview with AllThingsD, Chris Weber: President of Nokia’s US operations said “When we launch Windows Phones we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc.” This means the end of all Nokia Symbian phones in the USA, including the business series, the Symbian 3 series and even the feature phones.

Bye Bye!

The Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ is burdened with the task of revitalizing Nokia’s dipping sales, especially in the USA. With carriers unwilling to offer any Symbian phone on contract, users (if any) have to buy them at the full price making it a rather expensive affair. So replacing Symbian with Windows Phone might not be too harmful to them. Is it a brave decision or a dumb one? Well according to Chris According to Weber “The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do.”


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