HTC Omega/Radar Shows Up For Auction (with pictures)

We recently featured the first leaked photo of the HTC Omega (Radar, if you prefer) and today the white beast has shown up for auction on an Algerian site. The guys at OuedKniss have provided the first ‘real’ pictures of the handset HTC is expected to unveil next month.

The ROM on the phone seems to be Orange branded and the French setting might indicate it launching in France first, but guess we will have to wait for the dual cameratoting phone to become official first.[Source]

Market Place Hits 30,000 App Mark

Microsoft Windows Phone platform has been around for 8 months. Since its launch in November 2010, it has crossed milestone after milestone. The most recent of which being ‘The 30,000 App Milestone’.

 Microsoft’s Marketplace has taken the same amount of time Apple’s App store took to reach this milestone and half the time Android has taken. This is really not a surprise considering Microsoft’s efforts to reel in developers and customers.

With the Mango update on the horizon and the Market Place Mango ready, it looks like a good time to be jumping ship.