Cro – Mag Rally update patch coming soon to to fix several issues

Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 have the reputation of being highly polished. Cro – Mag Rally however was barely playable. Hundreds of WP7 users expressed their frustration by providing feedback on the application page ( read comments ). I tried the trial version and absolutely agree with other reviewers that controls are poor. Poor controls in a racing game? not cool. That's just one issue but most of them are related on steering your car along the track ( camera, getting stuck at obstacles, etc). Developers of the XBL title, Citizen 12, have taken notice and they have already submitted the update patch to fix all the issues. Details after the break.


Skype Support And Secondary Cameras To Come With Mango

Will it have it, will it not? The ongoing battle whether Microsoft is actually bringing Skype to Windows Phone. Well, video chat lovers, good news. Microsoft has announced that it will integrate skype into the windows phone experience with the mango update.

Windows Phone NZ, reports that 2nd generation Windows Phones will come equipped with a secondary camera. Microsoft’s standardisation of hardware will probably ensure this. Furthermore, they report that Microsoft promised to integrate skype a great deal more than what it is currently (for other platforms).

This is going to be Microsoft’s reply to Apple’s face time feature. With skype already a prominent name in the video chat world, this could change Microsoft’s rather miserable market fortune.