Mango Update To Bring Tethering To Windows Phone

Windows Phone Mango is definitely a major update to Microsoft’s fledgling operating system. It brings a variety of new features to the platform. The most recent feature to be noted is the support for internet sharing or tethering.

There are two strings that have helped identify this feature.

   “To enable tethering on this device dial {0}” and “To enable tethering on this device, go to {0}”

According to Long Zheng, these strings suggest that this won’t be enabled by default and interested customers would have to contact their carrier’s to enable it. Users will be able to choose between no encrpytion (open) and WPA2 encryption for their hotspots. The number of guests is also customizable, presumably by the carrier

This is reported to be running build 7720.68, currently with Microsoft

There are a few reports that suggest that this feature “works like a charm” but eats a lot of battery life.

With such hidden surprises, Mango couldn’t come sooner.


AT&T Roadmap Leaks; Two Windows Phone Mango Handsets For Q4

Here’s another leaked roadmap. This time its at&t’s plans that have been revealed.
The roadmap is as always clogged with android handsets. On the bright side there are two windows phone mango handsets (Samsung and HTC are the makers) scheduled for a quarter four release. 

The Samsung handset is called as the Kupua, which is the long time rumoured SGH-i937. This handset sports a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display of WVGA resolution, 512MB RAM and 8MP camera. It further boasts a 1650mAH battery to keep it ticking on for at least a day.                                                                                            

The HTC device, is called the Bunyip PI39100 (ROFL). this also has a WVGA screen of unknown size, 512MB RAM and a 8MP camera. HTC has thankfully added a 1600mAH battery that will hopefully last for a solid day’s use.

There is no further news regarding the two handsets. No specific dates have been given. But with Mango already with the OEMs, you won’t have to wait for too long to taste some Mango goodness