And now, a windows phone controlling lawn sprinklers

We remember the days when every home item from a bathtub to the kitchen sink was seemingly being controlled by the iPhone, just because it can. Well, it seems like those days are coming to the Windows Phone now, as Mike Linnen shows us his lawn sprinkler controlling Windows Phone device.

While the iPhone allows using the hardware port on the phone directly, Windows Phone does not, so this project uses an Azure web service, a laptop and a netduino as intermediate controls. Essentially, an app on the windows phone makes a call to the Azure web service, which in turn triggers the netduino to turn the sprinklers on and off.

Mike Linnen’s Windows Phone / Azure lawn sprinkler project

We look forward to more hardware projects with windows phone, so if you know of any, please send us a link in the comments.We also hope that Microsoft allows us more control over the USB interface in future versions of the operating system, we can have robots with windows phone brains.

Play DataMix by Cronos Labs for free and win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Cronos Labs recently launched their first game, WordMix and to celebrate the launch they will be giving away $50 Amazon Gift Cards every week for the next four weeks. The app is free for a limited time here. Quoting the devs :

To celebrate our initial release of WordMix, we are excited to announce a weekly prize drawing for the next month! Anyone that downloads and plays the game in August is automatically entered to win. If you are our randomly selected winner, a personal message will be sent to you when you launch the game with instructions on how to claim your gift card. Winners will be announced on a weekly basis via our Twitter feed.

The game’s premise is simple but good. You have to create as many words as possible with the given 6 letters before the timer runs out. The game leaderboard is provided by ScoreLoop which also has other great games like Frenzic , Pirates Assault etc.

The developers are running a poll to determine which languages should be included in the next update of the vocabulary game. Go and vote!