webOS Devlopers to Recieve Free Windows Phone Devices, Training

After HP made the announcement on Thursday they would be scrapping their webOS operating system and some of it’s hardware, including the struggling Touchpad, Microsoft’s Senior Director of WP7 development Brandon Watson made it clear via twitter that all previous webOS devs would receive all that is necessary to make a successful switch to Windows Phone.

“Any Published WebOS Devs: We’ll give you what you need to be successful on #WindowsPhone, incl.free phones, dev tools, and training, etc.,” he said on Friday.

Watson has been extremely active recruiting of late using social networking to further Windows Phone’s collective cause, which heated up in January when Microsoft began handing out ASUS WP7′s to jailbreakers from the ChevronWP7 team a few months after they released an “unlock” tool that allowed users to side load their own applications.

The process continued in April when Microsoft Europe tweeted US President Barack Obama and offered to send him a WP7 after he complained about the lack of ‘cool’ technology in the Oval Office.

Recently, Watson made a $1k bet with Scott Adam, author of the comic strip ‘Dilbert’, and followed up with a similar challenge to CNET blogger Molly Wood, who was unsatisfied with her Android device. Both received handsets with a pre-release version of the Mango update.

Most recently, after Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin complained that his iPhone was frozen, Watson offered one to Blake and his brother Taylor earlier this week.

Back in May, he even offered his personal phone number in hope that developers would call him with any questions or feedback.

All of this comes within a week of the release of the new Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit add-on, which contains additional tools and controls to help devs build better apps. The sudden halt of webOS development coupled with the discontinuation of HP’s TouchPad leaves a gaping vacuum to be filled in the mobile app development market that Microsoft is aiming to fill swiftly.

Windows Phone Marketplace has already grown to 30,000 apps and production is expected to spike in the coming months with the introduction of several more hardware manufacturers beginning production on WP7 devices, such as Nokia and Fujitsu, as well as additional handsets from Samsung and HTC.

You can follow Brandon Watson on twitter here @BrandonWatson.

What’s new in Xbox Live Hub of Windows Phone Mango (GamesCom Interview)

An array of new XBL titles was announced by Microsoft this week at Games Com 2011 held in Cologne, Germany. German blog Giga.de got a chance to have a quick chat with Peter Orullian, Group Product Manager of Xbox division. Peter does a great job of  rounding up most of  the xbox live for Mango enhanced features previously announced in the official Windows Phone blog over the past months. Don't forget to check out our NoDo v/s Mango comparison video to see what's new in XBL Hub. Interview after the break.

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Cronos Labs Launches DataHub Pro to organize your life

There are lists. And then there are lists. Choose any platform and you will find tons of to-do and list apps, but most of them, even the popular, are rigid and bound to one format. DataHub by Kronos Labs is a nifty database and form builder whose ad-free Pro version launched recently. It seems to be the only general database app in the marketplace so far. DataHub uses Dropbox instead of SkyDrive because of API support but the popularity of DropBox will ensures that its not an inhibitor. Its high degree of user customization makes it worth trying out atleast once, especially for organised people (like me).

Inspired by OneNote and a bit by Microsoft Access, DataHub allows users to configure and edit their own structured datasets on their phones. We have a very efficient synchronization system with Dropbox as the storage provider. One feature we are especially proud of is our sharing. Using Dropbox folder sharing, two (or more) users can all edit the same dataset at the same time. If they both edit the same record at the same time, the last user to synchronize gets a great UI showing them all of their changes vs. the other users’. This allows them to select which changes to keep.

Download DataHub Pro here.