Windows Phone 7 surpasses Android and iPhone according to Dilbert

Most of you have probably heard of The Windows Phone Challenge started by Brandon Watson via Twitter where he offered to give charity $1000 if the reviewer doesn’t like WP7.
CNET’s Molly Wood was the first to take on this challenge, and now we have Dilbert himself, Scott Adams, take on our beloved WP7.
Brandon Watson approached Adams with the wp7 challenge offer after he had complained about his iPhone 3Gs and Android HTC EVO 3D.
Adams proclaims himself as an every-day smartphone user saying:

Keep in mind that I’m just a casual user, not a phone tester. I didn’t test every feature of every phone, and I didn’t measure anything. I simply used the new phone and kept track of my reactions compared to my Android and iPhone experiences.

Adams judged his experience through the following categories: Call Quality, User Interface, On-Screen Keyboard, Battery Life, and Apps.
His overall impression of wp7 was exceptionally good. He says his iPhone is always dropping calls, his Android has to always be plugged in and calls the UI a “think-about-it-everytime experience.”
He thinks the Windows phone had the best user experience, calling it “Intuitive, simple, and has a liveliness that I [Scott Adams] find appealing.”
So, for now, that’s Windows Phone, one. Charity, zero. Kidding aside, check the source to read Dilberts full review.
Source: Windows Phone Challenge Results – Scott Adams via

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