Stephen Elop responds to user criticism, Asserts that large operators prefer Windows phone

In a series of rather fortunate events, Stephen Elop is suddenly responding to user emails (try sending him one at – don't spam) following the famous Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, footsteps of addressing user concerns via email.
After the news of N9 limited region release went live on the internet, Meego fans all over the world died a little inside. Especially the guys at maemo talk. They were baffled by the news. More after the break.

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HD7 Spotted Running Tango Build 8200- On Sale!

 Things are hot in the land of Windows Phone rumors. Although Mango has just gone into RTM stage, rumors are rife about Windows Phone Tango. Tango is expected to be Microsoft’s next major update to its Windows Phone platform, expected in fall 2012. Tango is said to be aimed at the Asian market and at pushing Windows Phone in the mid-range price bracket

 An individual, on a Slovakian Facebook page, has caught our attention by saying that he is currently in possession of a HD7 running Windows Phone Tango and is willing to sell it. Incidentally, this is where the last sightings of this mystery Operating system were reported.

 “HTC HD7 16GB (T9292 Schubert) for sale. You can select from three builds of Windows Phone – 7.0.7392, 7.10.7720 (Mango), 7.10.8200 (“Tango”). The first two are stable and functional build, third is dev build (not stable and to continue with official builds you have to flash it using RUUs). Price starts at 150€, you can contact me on my mail which I have on the forums, only through mail, highest price wins, delivery is not included in the price (only express delivery, not post office). In mail, write down which version of the OS you want, RUUs are not included. All accessories, slovak distribution, arrived today :)”

A wild Windows Phone appeared! It has Tango!
 In the image above, if you take a close look at the OS version you will notice that this build was created on July 26, 2011. This is certainly intriguing as this was the time when Mango beta builds were circulating around.

 This certainly puts Tango’s credence as Microsoft’s big update due next fall. Could it come much earlier? Is Microsoft having secret plans that no one is aware of? Is this all a way to help Nokia get back on it’s feet? Interesting days are ahead. Go ahead and buy it if you wish, but remember the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. And may you get what you want. (from White Collar)