Use Windows Phone as a remote to control Zune music playback with Zemote (Coming Soon)

Zemote is a remote application that enables you to control music playback on Zune via the application on your Windows Phone. Nifty. The application utilizes the local WiFi network and a Zemote desktop application to set up a complete sync with the application on your device. List of features and video of the application in action, after the break.

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A Video Response To Molly Wood!!

I’m sure all of you are aware of Microsoft’s aggressive marketing strategy of their Windows Phone devices. Brandon Watson is handing Windows Phones to celebrities who are complaining about their (buggy) Android phones or (boring) iPhones. Molly Wood, executive editor at CNET complained about having a…well lets say she was using a Android handset. Brandon stepped in and lent her a HTC Trophy (Verizon) running Windows Phone Mango for two weeks, where she could assess it and decide whether it was meant for her. If she didn’t like it a $1000 would be donated to the charity of her choice.
 Molly was kind enough to keep the world posted about her experiences over the two weeks. She tried and tested it and released a video saying she didn’t like. As we know it, the internet is filled with people bursting with sarcasm and information (there are a few) and Mr. Carl Camera decided to share his opinions on Molly’s, well opinions! Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the video!

[here's the YouTube link]
Well, found any fault in Molly’s thoughts or do you think this guy is just rude? Let us know what you think!

HTC Omega/Radar Shows Up For Auction (with pictures)

We recently featured the first leaked photo of the HTC Omega (Radar, if you prefer) and today the white beast has shown up for auction on an Algerian site. The guys at OuedKniss have provided the first ‘real’ pictures of the handset HTC is expected to unveil next month.

The ROM on the phone seems to be Orange branded and the French setting might indicate it launching in France first, but guess we will have to wait for the dual cameratoting phone to become official first.[Source]

Market Place Hits 30,000 App Mark

Microsoft Windows Phone platform has been around for 8 months. Since its launch in November 2010, it has crossed milestone after milestone. The most recent of which being ‘The 30,000 App Milestone’.

 Microsoft’s Marketplace has taken the same amount of time Apple’s App store took to reach this milestone and half the time Android has taken. This is really not a surprise considering Microsoft’s efforts to reel in developers and customers.

With the Mango update on the horizon and the Market Place Mango ready, it looks like a good time to be jumping ship.

Indian Rail guide, first Windows Phone application targeting Indian travellers

Apps are the lifeline of any Smartphone platform. The Android and iPhone marketplace has lots of apps that caters to the local crowd. These apps generally include apps that show train timings, local bus routes or movie timings ( Data is fetched from good ol' ). Slowly but steadily we are seeing such apps for the Windows phone marketplace. We get our hands on one such app – Indian Rail Guide.

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HTC Omega/Radar powered by 1.5 GHz Snapdragon and 8 MP Camera

What’s a day without a phone leak on the interwebz? Here we have the HTC Omega, whose aluminium white chassis is gracing the web thanks to a leak by the guys at PocketNow. The name is still not confirmed as some sources say it might be called the HTC Radar on launch.
It will most likely be powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 (single core), have 512 MB of RAM and come with a 3.8″ SLCD. It will have dual cameras – an 8 MP shooter at the back and a front-facing camera – which will come with Skype integration as we recently learned. The growing number of leaks surely points to an approaching release of Mango and we can’t wait.


vNES Light beta 2 emulator running at 60 fps mode shows buttery smooth gameplay

vNES Light, NES emulator for Windows Phone, has been one of the highlights of work done by the community. In case you didn't know – Microsoft has banned emulators from the marketplace but that doesn't keep away enthusiastic developers from porting emulators to Windows Phone. vNES light Developer Nudua  is hard at work and has been consistently working to improve the performance of the emulator. Mango update has a direct impact on the performance of the application since Mango bumps the 30 FPS restriction to 60 FPS making gameplay 2x smoother. More after the break.

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Cro – Mag Rally update patch coming soon to to fix several issues

Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 have the reputation of being highly polished. Cro – Mag Rally however was barely playable. Hundreds of WP7 users expressed their frustration by providing feedback on the application page ( read comments ). I tried the trial version and absolutely agree with other reviewers that controls are poor. Poor controls in a racing game? not cool. That's just one issue but most of them are related on steering your car along the track ( camera, getting stuck at obstacles, etc). Developers of the XBL title, Citizen 12, have taken notice and they have already submitted the update patch to fix all the issues. Details after the break.

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Skype Support And Secondary Cameras To Come With Mango

Will it have it, will it not? The ongoing battle whether Microsoft is actually bringing Skype to Windows Phone. Well, video chat lovers, good news. Microsoft has announced that it will integrate skype into the windows phone experience with the mango update.

Windows Phone NZ, reports that 2nd generation Windows Phones will come equipped with a secondary camera. Microsoft’s standardisation of hardware will probably ensure this. Furthermore, they report that Microsoft promised to integrate skype a great deal more than what it is currently (for other platforms).

This is going to be Microsoft’s reply to Apple’s face time feature. With skype already a prominent name in the video chat world, this could change Microsoft’s rather miserable market fortune.