WP7 Sliding Keyboard v1.7 – Coming Soon (Update: v1.8 submitted & previewed!)

I am sure many of you might have heard of Swype – Text input for screens. Since Microsoft does not let developers tinker with it’s keyboard API – Swype is not available ( not yet ) for Windows Phone. However we stumbled upon this video by Youtube user ‘hermitd31′ who showcases the WP7 Sliding Keyboard.

The app has been made possible due to the team at Invoke IT. The app goes a bit further by offering Bing search, text messaging and email options. However the video you see is the update for Sliding Keyboard. The app has been submitted for testing and will be available in the Marketplace soon.

You can download Sliding Keyboard for 1.29$ here

Update: We have a quick update for you. Developer Hermit Dave is hard at work and has submitted v1.8 to the marketplace. Here’s the changelog from the developer himself

  • changes to underlying dictionaries used.
  •  It also now supports localisation of keyboards and provides ability to translate text

Here’s a quick video preview 

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