Microsoft Imagine Cup: How Windows Phone Is Helping Change The World

So it was July 10,2011 13:02 at New York City when I was sitting in New York Marriott Marquis and listening to iDoc present their project, The Internet Doctor. I was very excited about the fact that this team of 4 students had taken up the challenge of collecting and providing right information about medical institutions in emergency. What excited me even more was that their friend, who was visually challenged, came all the way to support the group. It made me salute the passion and dedication they had put in this team.

This team from Cyprus has that look on their face which can’t be described in words. It demonstrates a connection so deep with the project that tells me that they KNOW they are going BIG. They demonstrated their project to the judges using Windows Phone 7 which is a hot selling product right now. This application connects the user to precisely the exact kind of medical assistance they need.

What I loved about this application was, the team plans to release it FREE Of COST and available to all. This mobile app is also connected to emergency calls to 911 and other emergency number and is for GLOBE, not just one country. The user just need to match WP7 and the symptoms and the app provides them a very appropriate and useful list of who they can approach.

Keeping a very nominal fee for Institutions, iDOC is targeting a global crowd. I heard them saying its only $60 for doctors and they need money just to keep the application running. Now this is what I call selfless service.

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