HTC Biggest Windows Phone Manufacturer according to Nielsen Report

The June Nielsen report is out on the official blog and we have the stats for your favorite operating system ready. HTC is the top manufacturer of Windows Phone with its devices covering 6% of the market. Samsung is second with 2% of market share.
The Windows mobile OS is also a part of the stats, so the total market share of Microsoft’s mobile efforts stands at 9%. Numbers aside, its easy to see the influence of Windows Phone Metro UI even in Nielsen’s graph. Slowly but surely, Microsoft is permeating the market.


Tokyo residents could have a try with Toshiba IS12T already?

Just saw Windows Phone Japan posting on Facebook :
Which means “From today on, real units of IS12T will be shown at KDDI Designing Studio. I’m coming near you!”
KDDI Designing Studio is located in Tokyo. So if you are lucky enough to be in Tokyo right now, you can (supposedly) just drop by and have a real feel of the waterproof beauty.
If you did try the device, please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment your thought on it.
Here is a map if you wonder how to get to the studio. Please know that I have zero knowledge about Tokyo streets, and won’t take responsibility for any people getting lost. I’d say take your trusted GPS, and ask local dudes often.
Good luck.