New Mango beta available to developers today, Twitter integration on Mango previewed (Video)

Wow. First, the good news of mango hitting RTM, then the launch of first Mango device , Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T, in Japan and now a new Mango beta build is made available by Microsoft available via Microsoft Connect. The biggest change in the refreshed beta is Twitter integration, which was disabled in previous beta. The refreshed beta build is 7712, which is not the RTM build. But it's close to the final build, so it's more or less the same as the RTM build w.r.t presentation and features.

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Gray Theme for Windows phone mango exclusive to Toshiba Fujitsu IS12T?

Fujitsu – Toshiba jointly launched world’s first Windows Phone mango device early today. Read our detailed overview of the device here. Apart from the name, there is something unique about this device. Not on the hardware front as you’d expect. Observe the image embedded below, it’s the IS12T running Mango. But the live tiles in this image have gray background. What does this mean?  Finally an inclusion of a new theme, this time it’s gray and it looks amazing.

Will this be an exclusive theme color available to Toshiba Fujitsu’s IS12T? Or is this a surprise addition to Mango RTM? Drop in your thoughts. 

All you need to know about Fujitsu – Toshiba ‘s first Windows Phone Mango device IS12T

Futijsu – Toshiba in a press conference in Tokyo early today announced their first Windows Phone powered smartphone running Mango (first officially unveiled Mango device) called IS12T exclusively available on Japanese carrier KDDI. A bit awkward by all standards and most probably  "IS12T" will probably be the final product name when it launches later in September this year. PR, specs and video walkthrough after the break. This doesn't come as a surprise, fyi. We reported about this joint launch exclusively with KDDI some time back. 

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