HTC Mozart gets a huge price drop at Flipkart, now available in India for just Rs 16,499

Wow. Here’s a quick heads up everyone. I just literally woke up to an email from Flipkart reminding me that HTC Mozart is finally in stock. To my surprise, HTC 7 Mozart is now available for just Rs. 16,499. I bought Mozart around 4 months back for a price  > 24,000 Rupees so this price reduction makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I have to give it to HTC though, remember the promise of cheap Windows phone 7 device? Well, it’s now already available in mid range category and in near future, we might see more mid range WP7 devices in the market. I, in my mind, have no doubt that at this price – HTC Mozart is the best phone your wallet can buy. Close your eyes and buy this beauty. It’s also available with an Option to pay cash on delivery (I love Flipkart!). This is the cheapest price available both offline and online so better hurry up and  grab the device before they change their mind. We currently don’t have confirmation if it’s an official price directly from HTC or it’s just flipkart. I expect it to be a price drop directly from HTC since an Indian digital store called Sosasta also sold Mozart at nearly the same price, but it’s out of stock now. We’ll keep you updated on prices of WP7 devices in India. For those of who follow the blog regularly, Dell Venue Pro went for a similar price reduction some time back.