Save a Day in Traffic using INRIX Traffic for Windows Phone

Traffic : the greatest curse of civilization. Nobody likes getting stuck for hours in traffic, do they ? Well, GPS has made our lives a bit easier, augmented by ‘apps’ of course.
INRIX, among the leading providers of traffic and driving services has made its app available on the marketplace for free, without ads. Based on their data, INRIX users spend a year less in traffic every year. INRIX is free because INRIX users return the favor by passively returning traffic data through the app. Interestingly enough, the analysis techniques used by INRIX were originally developed by Microsoft Research. The app is available in nine countries : U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium.

See the press release below :

INRIX®, a leading international provider of traffic information and connected driving services, is now available on all four major mobile phone platforms with today’s debut on Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. INRIX Traffic is a free app that helps drivers save time, fuel and money with real-time traffic information for the places they go every day.
INRIX Traffic covers more roads than any other traffic app providing real-time traffic information that extends beyond major highways and interstates covering more than 1.1 million miles in North America and Europe – 2X as much coverage as any other traffic app.
“As the recent hysteria around Carmaggedon in Los Angeles showed, drivers can never really know exactly what to expect when they hit the road,” said Kevin Forman, Vice President of Mobile Applications, INRIX. “By introducing our popular iPhone and Android app today on BlackBerry and Windows Phone, we’re providing drivers with a powerful tool that helps them know before they go saving them time, fuel and frustration along the way.”
In comparing driving patterns of INRIX Traffic owners to the average driver, daily use of INRIX Traffic helps them:
• Spend one less day a year idle in traffic;
• Save gas and money burning one less tank of fuel per year;
• Reduce vehicle emissions by 350 lbs of carbon — equal to the amt. of emissions produced by the average passenger car traveling from L.A. to San Francisco
Forman added, “INRIX Traffic gives you the equivalent of one free tank of gas and a day of your life back every year. It’s amazing how simple changes like using our app everyday can have a big impact on your time, your wallet and the environment.”
As one of the Top 10 most used apps in the navigation category according to comScore, INRIX Traffic uniquely helps drivers reduce the time they spend in traffic through a better understanding of current AND future traffic conditions.

INRIX Traffic Debut on BB and WP7
INRIX Traffic App highlights:
• Covers More Roads than Any Traffic App. INRIX Traffic information is updated every minute covering more than 1.1 million miles of highways and city streets in cities across North America and Europe – twice the amount of roads compared to any other traffic app. The app is available in 9 countries including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.
• Traffic Information Drivers Can Rely On. In the world’s largest ongoing independent test of traffic information spanning 7,000 highway miles in 16 states, the University of Maryland has found INRIX traffic information accurate within 2 mph of ground truth across all types of traffic conditions – 24x7x365. Unlike other apps that rely solely on road sensor data or crowd-sourced information from drivers that’s often old and inaccurate, INRIX analyzes data from more than 400 public and private sources ranging from traditional road sensors to our own crowd-sourced traffic network of more than 10 million vehicles to deliver the most accurate traffic reports available. It’s the only app that factors the impacts of schools schedules, collegiate and professional sporting events, and convention schedules to ensure the information you rely on is tuned to the unique events that impact traffic in your city.
• Traffic Forecasts for Better Trip Planning. Predictive traffic information helps you better plan your trips knowing how long your trip will take so you can reliably determine the best time to leave to ensure you arrive on time.
• Real-Time Updates on Traffic-Impacting Events. INRIX Traffic provides real-time reports of accidents, construction, and other traffic-impacting events from the same sources relied on by state departments of transportation.
• Free. INRIX Traffic is a free, ad-free app. In return for the benefit of our real-time traffic information, INRIX Traffic owners become a part of our crowd-sourced network passively contributing real-time traffic information that helps us provide the community with the best traffic information available.


App Hub no longer requires GeoTrust verification for students and individuals

This news was first reported by Tom Warren on 19 July, but there was a lot of misgivings about accuracy of that article at that time due to lack of a source. Well, Tom seems to have been vindicated now, as WMPU reports that the App Hub Registration Walkthrough has been updated, stating that individuals and students (wait… aren’t students individuals also?) will no longer be required to go through a GeoTrust verification process. As a student in the US whose GeoTrust verification was processed within the hour, I don’t think this will make much of a difference to me… but this is definitely good news for people elsewhere where GeoTrust was causing unnecessary delays. It should also let students unlock their phones immediately after registration (which was earlier delayed till someone submitted their first app.)