Mango Ready For Manufactures, Undergoing Carrier Testing (Update : MS denies it)

Hear Hear, readers from far and wide, share the joy with your fellow Windows Phone users; Mango is ready. Manufacturers and carriers are being handed the release candidate of Mango as you read this. This early release plays wonderfully well with sightings of the Nokia Sea Ray, the Samsung Galaxy i-937 (Galaxy S II reincarnate) and, last but not least, Fujitsu’s debutante.

The Mango of my eye

The latest video of the Nokia Sea Ray, showed the build number as 7710. The latest developer build was 7661.  This brought about great speculation regarding the release date of Mango and when the 2nd generation devices would hit the market. If you want any more proof, Japan is expected to lead the Mango revolution with Fujitsu and ZTE handsets releasing their handsets in August.

This fall appears to be Mango season for everyone. Developers get ready to recompile your apps to make use of those 500 new APIs. Windows Phone owners get ready to taste a fruit so sweet, and non-Windows Phone users, ready to jump ship?


Update: Bill Cox, Sr. Director of Communications at Microsoft for the Windows Phone Division, 

tweeted a while back denying reports suggesting that Mango has RTM’d.