Windows Phone Shows 31 percent Ad Growth reports Millennial Media

Millennial Media has just released its monthly Mobile Mix report and Windows Phone has got some healthy stats to report. Though not as awesome as last month, Windows Phone has reported a 31% growth in ad impressions over the previous month. Surprisingly, the runner-up was RIM with a 29% increase in impressions. Also jumped is the impression market share from last month’s 1% to 2%. Explosive, innit ? Check the source for details on other platforms.

Video: Windows Phone vs. Android

Windows Phone, a new entry into the market. Mango (beta version 2 is used in this video), it’s first major update. Android, trying to be the ‘iPhone killer’ for 3 years or more. Gingerbread, it’s 5 major update (excluding the first version). Android 2.3.2 to be precise, with Sony Ericcson’s custom skin on it.  A face-off, who’ll win find out after the video.

It’s a silent video, play your own music if you feel like.

As you can see, despite the Xperia Neo having a newer processor and a much more matured (read: iterated) Operating system, not to mention  market ready software (it’s launched) it consistently got beaten by the HTC Trophy, running mango, beta version 2 to be specific.

The benchmark results were fairly even, with the HTC trophy equaling the android handset. Please note that the Xperia Neo is powered by a second generation Qualcomm 8255 SD processor, whereas the HTC Trophy is powered by a first generation processor. The IE9 browser consistently out-performed the Android browser in every-field. The HTML5 tests gave better results in IE9 and also pinch-zooming and scrolling were much smoother. The hardware acceleration and so is the desktop version’s code in the new IE is more prominent . Whether flash might have tipped the scales to the Windows Phone side can be argued.

If yesteryear’s handset can beat a more advanced android handset, imagine what a second generation handset might be capable of doing to those ‘super-phones’.