IM+ free AD supported multi protocol IM client now available in Windows Phone marketplace

Praise the lord! Shape services, creator of IM+ client, has just released an AD supported IM client with every feature available on paid app (correct me if I am wrong) for free. We previously reported about IM+ some time back which was hit with severe criticism due to initial pricing. IM+ is the only multi protocol IM app available in the marketplace right now. Download link after the break.

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Video : Nokia Sea Ray Running Windows Phone Mango

Fresh out of a development factory in China, is a video of Nokia’s ‘leaked’ Sea Ray Windows Phone running Mango. In the video, you can see the Nokia N9 lookalike, sporting physical buttons laying rest to the rumors about their absence in favor of virtual buttons.
Also making an appearance is the new ’7′ logo screen and lock screen, but a front-facing camera seems to be missing. There’s also word that the handset in this video is running a Mango RTM build, specifically 7710. Check out the video below :

Japan to lead the Mango revolution?

Just when everyone is expecting Nokia to fire the first shot of the Mango canon, it looks like Japan is going to steal the spotlight and prove us all wrong. According to wpcentral, KDDI (Japanese carrier), Fujitsu-Toshiba and Microsoft Japan are going to hold a joint launch conference to announce the first ever Windows Phone 7 Mango phone in human history. Yeah it’s the pink water-proof thingie dubbed IS12T that we now all know about. But the date of the conference will be on July the 27th. It’s said invitation to media has already been sent out.
If that says anything, it indicates the Mango update to existing devices might arrive much earlier than we speculated. Let’s hope this time carriers don’t postpone the process too much.
Meanwhile, Windows Phone Japan has already gotten a Mango site live. It can be found here. On the front page there’s a quite international Mango commercial. But wait till you click into here. If my Japanese hasn’t totally failed me, this huge page says these, along with some very localized pictures:
3 Reasons why you could confidently proceed to “Mango”
- It’s people-centric.
- Both business and entertainment are made easier.
- It really pursues the ease of use.
More interestingly, Windows Phone Japan has a Facebook official page. On it there was a very interesting online promotion. (Based on my limited Japanese) Back on July the 7th, Twitter users who tweet the hashtag #777 would gain a chance to win a whole plethora or SEVEN Windows Phone 7 devices. “7th day of the 7th month tweet #777 to win 7 Windows Phone 7 devices”, seven sevens in one sentence, nice. I truly wonder who was lucky enough to won the ridiculously generous treat.

App hub refresh: new look and feel, reports, private beta publishing

Microsoft has refreshed the look and feel for the App Hub website. The new features are: at-a-glance reports of all your apps, a new, cleaner status board for apps in submission, the ability to see how many times your app has crashed recently and the biggest feature of them all: publishing apps as private beta apps to people of your choice. Developers are required to agree to a newer terms of service before entering the site.

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