Microsoft Releases Social ToDo App : Dotastic

Microsoft has released another app to its ever-growing marketplace, titled Dotastic. The Dotastic domain has had a ‘coming soon’ splash page up since Microsoft bought it in June 2011, and today the app is available for you to download. The app is basically a social todo list where you challenge your friends to finish their lists and earn points. Here’s the official description :

Dotastic is a fun way to challenge your friends and help each other get things done. Earn points for completing tasks and compete with your friends to be at the top of the leaderboard. Incentives and social pressure helps you stay motivated as you complete your tasks and share your achievements with everyone.

Weirdly enough, the marketplace screenshot shows an iOS like bar at the bottom, though the rest of the UI seems Metro enough. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

ZTE Windows Phone Spotted

Well, I’m getting tired of this. Actually I’m not. By ‘it’ I’m referring to the leak of another Windows Phone handset. This time it’s ZTE.

A picture of their latest handset has been found on the weibo account of the General Manager of Mobile Communications, ZTE. The source is as legitimate as a source can be.

Mango season in Asia

A few differences are there between this image and the one displayed at the WorldWide Partners Conference a few weeks ago. The handset has received a coat of paint, this time white. The Windows Phone logo in the front has been replaced by a ZTE logo and a proximity sensor has been spotted beside it. It’s too small to be a secondary camera which is expected to be a  requirement for future Windows Phone handsets.

Not much else is known. This also appears to be a Japan headed handset. The weibo account has another picture which sort of conforms that the photo above wasn’t of a  dummy’s. I don’t know Japanese but I expect it to be the calendar application or possibly ZTE’s customization to Windows Phone.