Microsoft Licenses Pointing-Based Mobile Local Search and Augmented Reality from GeoVector

Microsoft has signed a licensing agreement with GeoVector corporation which ‘gives Microsoft rights to use concepts covered by GeoVector’s patents.’ GeoVector Corp held the actual ‘Augemented Reality’ patent and the license will help Microsoft to expand the spatial, pointing-based and Augmented Reality capabilities of Windows Phone (and make you sci-fi dreams come true, just kidding). Its a non-exclusive deal, but unlike other platforms the integration will likely be by Microsoft itself and not 3rd party solutions.

Mango isn’t even out for everyone and we can already start making out wishlist of features for Windows Phone 8.

Google+ now Accessible on Windows Phone Via IE

So what if the Google + app coming to windows phone was a red herring, a false piece of information from an unofficial blog with a blogger logo. Google +ers with Windows Phone handsets, worry not for El Goog has solved your problem.

My, My! What do we have here?

Until now if you had navigated to an incompatibility notice would have left you disheartened. But Google has fixed this by enabling compatibility with IE browser that is present after the NoDo update.

Now, if you had mango it would be a totally different ball game as IE9 is recognized as a PC browser and no google service would be inaccessible.

Let’s see who has the last laugh

Unfortunately the Google site still calls the NoDo IE as Windows Mobile. If the ever-growing Market Place (25,000 apps in 7months) are not reason enough to consider Windows Phone as a threat to Android’s dominance to Google then I guess it’s Mango that’ll leave them shivering in their boots.

Source: wpcentral