Windows Phone Resume Lands Guy Tons Of Job Offers

Sahas Katta built a cool Windows Phone like online resume and next thing he knows he has collected the email addresses of over a hundred Microsoft managers. Maybe they were just testing out the contact form but the guys from the Redmond company were impressed enough that he was contacted with several job offers.

I also got a call at about 12:30 AM PST from a Microsoft recruiter in India. She was quite persistent on relocating me overseas for a position as a Lead UX Manager to work with designers, researchers, engineers, and program/product managers. I declined the offer as I do not plan to leave the San Francisco Bay area, which is still the center of the tech world.
A lot of people are asking to buy the site design as well so they can use it for their own portfolio. I might just open source it at some point when I have time.

Katta’s site was covered by several news blogs which led to a massive amount of hits on his resume. One thing that we can be sure of, is that a lot of people will have their eye on Mr.Katta including us.


Windows Phone Mango Update and Handsets Coming In September

The imagine cup turned out to be a treasure trove for us bloggers. Nuggets of information were found in Ballmer’s keynote referring to the release date of Mango. Further information was found in his keynote at the WorldWide Partner Conference.

Today an informative tweet by the Imagine Cups official account (@imaginecup) promised a windows phone device to all finalists, by September. These won’t be any Windows Phones, they will among the first to run  the all new Mango.

An informative tweet

The manufacturer is unknown but Nokia, HTC or Samsung will be the probable manufacturers of the prize. So winners, are you excited?


Official Google+ App for Windows phone coming next week! (Update: Not really)

Google+ is all over the internet right now. I am not one of the guys who are ' thoroughly enjoying the unique social network ' but there are more than 10 million (mostly passive, I guess) users on Google+ who are supposedly having a lot of fun and it supposedly has the potential to give Facebook the fight of it's life. We'll see about that. For a social network to work, Google isn't really the best when it comes to Social networks, availability on multiple platforms is the most important aspect to reach a wider global audience. Facebook launched a Java application this week, which targets millions of 'dumbphones' users who didn't have native application until now. Facebook has set foot on every mobile platform imaginable. To go neck to neck with Facebook, Google launched iOS application this week and now they are planning to release Windows phone 7 application next week.

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GroupMe app for Windows phone coming soon (Update: Now available!)

GroupMe, a popular and free group text messaging app available for iOS, Android and Blackberry will soon be released to the Windows phone marketplace according to a tweet from GroupMe:

CrookJim   Currently you can use GroupMe via SMS on WP7… but an app is coming soon! #) 

Group messaging applications are all the rage these days. Everybody has one or wants one. GroupMe currently allows non supported ( like Windows Phone, currently) platform users to use SMS instead to communicate with their way. An application would be better though, GroupMe.  GroupMe utilizes the contacts API so you'll have to wait till the mango update. We'll keep you updated on the status of this much awaited app.

Update: Groupme for WP7 is now available in the marketplace. Download link below:

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Yammer announces Windows Phone Application

Yammer Inc., the leader in enterprise social networking, today announced its mobile application for Windows Phone. Built from the ground up, the new Yammer application delivers advanced enterprise social networking capabilities to mobile workers worldwide.

Key New Features:

Threaded Conversations – Post, reply and like messages. Easily follow conversations with replies displayed underneath the original message.

Multi-Feed Access – Quickly navigate between My Feed, Group Feeds and Company Feed to find relevant conversations.

Multi-Network Access – Switch between various internal and external networks.

Member Directory and Profiles – Find updates, links and files posted by a specific colleague in addition to contact information.

Private Messages – Communicate privately with one or more colleagues.

Live Tile Integration – Receive real-time notifications from Yammer about new conversations and messages on your Windows Phone Start screen, all without opening the application.

Yammer for Windows Phone will be available for a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace later this quarter and will be compatible with Mango launching later this year.