WP7 NoDo Compared to WP7 Mango (Part 4)

One of the most unique features included alongside Windows Phone's debut into the world of consumers was it's in-depth integration of Facebook into the the OS itself. No longer needing to navigate into and through a 3rd Party App, features like updating your status or posting on someone's wall could be done without leaving the confines phone's native software. Well, just like they say, good things only get bettter, and so it is with the Mango update coming this Fall.
Take a look at Part 4 of the Windows Phone 7 to Mango comparison videos for a closer look at some of the new features brought to the plate for the "People," "Me," and the new "Groups" tiles.

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Ballmer: ‘All In’ For Windows Phone

Steve Ballmer continued promoting Windows Phone and Microsoft’s achievements at this years Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles. He said that Microsoft had no intentions of ditching their new operating system no matter what sales figures indicated. Ballmer admitted to the limited success  We’ve gone from very small to very small but its been a heck of a year.
On a more encouraging note “A year ago, Microsoft had no Windows Phone. In the last year we’ve sold millions of phones.” He pointed out a recent survey that showed that 9 out of 10 owners of a windows phone handset would recommend it to a friend.

Faithful to my baby

He also stepped foot in the Nokia-Microsoft territory
 “Nokia, who had a choice this year to bet on themselves, to bet on Android or to bet on Windows Phone said for their bet, the company strategy, they’re going with Windows Phone. They saw our road maps, they saw what we’ve done, they saw what we’re planning on doing.”
Ballmer also revealed that Nokia is pushing Microsoft to go broader geographically with Windows Phone and hit new price points for devices. “They believe, others believe too.”

Ballmer continued with the predictions by Gartner and IDC of Windows Phone reaching the no.2 spot by 2015 in the smart phone Market.

Ballmer concluded his keynote by saying that Microsoft was ‘all in for Windows Phone’ and would work very hard to remain competitive in the smart-phone market

“We know we’ve got a lot to do but like the Cloud, like NT many years back, we’re all in when it comes to mobile devices. And whether it’s phones or slates OR PCs or console devices, we’re certainly pushing extremely far and extremely fast.”

So does this hint at the four devices interconnected and sharing a cloud? The future holds the answer and is not too far away.

Source: winrumors