Windows Phone Mango Shows 5x Faster Game Loading

Long loading times for 3rd party apps were one of the complaints in the pre-NoDo builds of Windows Phone. Microsoft addressed these issues somewhat in NoDo but are going a lot further in Mango. Game dev XcellBlades Games have posted a video which shows the speed improvements in game loading in Mango. It shows the difference in loading times, Build 7004 at nearly 40 sec, NoDo at 17 and Mango at 8 seconds. Now that’s fast.


Travelnapp for Windows Phone 7

Ever fallen asleep on the train or got distracted and ended up missing your stop? Travelnapp, a new Windows Phone 7 application, is here to help!

Official app Description :

Travelnapp is a worldwide proximity alarm for Windows Phone 7. The application allows users to read, listen to music or sleep on public transport without fear of missing their stop. Utilizing the integrated GPS in all Windows Phone 7 devices, Travelnapp is able to accurately track your position then use this data to notify you once a certain distance away, plot a map of your route and calculate your estimated time of arrival and average speed.

Travelnapp has been programmed with a set of fail-safes, which use logic to ensure the alarm always goes off even if you lose GPS signal near your destination (for example in a tunnel). It also has the ability to automatically pause your music as you approach, before sounding the alert.

TravelnApp on Marketplace