Bring Your Windows Phone Device to your Desktop via WP7 RecX

You are a dev and hate making videos via the Windows Phone emulator ? Or maybe you just wanna check out your apps on the big screen and not crick your neck switching back and forth between your monitor and mobile’s screen. Well, XDA member fiinix has released a screen streaming/recording application based on “The DllImport Project”. The dev has optimized the app a lot to make it usable, here is the official feature list :

* Full-screen mode “F11″
* Presentation-mode background color chooser. (Useful in F11 mode)
* Great features on UI (The cn version suck’ed with UI)
* Chose what IP port WP7<>Server talk over
* See frames count’ received
* Start/Stop server at any time to continue later -button
* More than 2.3 fps! Yay.