Samsung to recreate Galaxy SII with Windows Phone Mango?

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the most successful android handset in the market right now. A certain Sherlock over at wmpoweruser dug out fresh evidence suggesting a Samsung Galaxy S II running Windows Phone 7 was in the making. The evidence cited was Bluetooth SIG listing of a device by the name SGH-937 having the same Bluetooth stack as that of WP 7.1,i.e. Mango. The interesting thing to note here is that Sammy’s current flagship was listed as SGH-927. This naming is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Focus. Also, a rather obscure list at Occasional Gamer includes the SGH-937 as a device running their games.
Will the Genie at Samsung grant this wish of ours?

The hardware has left us guessing. While there most probably will be a Super AMOLED Plus display (please give shorter names Sammy) and two cameras, the MP count of both is unknown. The dual-core and 1GB of RAM will mostly be given a no-no. But what I am really concerned about is whether they’ll use a flash storage based solution to solve the bricking problems of their yesteryear’s handsets

Source: wmpoweruser