HTC HD2 updated to Windows Phone Mango, Thanks to DFT

HTC HD2, which has become a sort of model for other smartphones as virtually all major mobile operating systems have been ported to it, has done it again. Thanks to Dark Forces Team (DFT), the guys who originally ported Windows Phone to this beast, have now released the Mango update for it. There are obviously a few problems, seeing as its a developer preview, like marketplace not working ,lack of marketplace search and HTML5 support but everything should smoothen out eventually. Check below for a video of the beast running the latest juicy goodness.

Developers, showcase your Windows Phone apps to the world via WPSauce !

A new day. A new beginning.
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We at WPSauce cover a lot of games and applications but sadly we cannot cover all of them. We would like to create a mutually beniffiting situation here. Hence we ave created three adspots reserved only for Windows phone 7 applications and games. Nothing else. We love #wp7dev and hope to get some love back.

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Gameboy emulator coming soon to Windows phone homebrew community (Update: Now Available!)

Samuel Blanchard is hard at work. He is building a Gameboy emulator, called Wario's Jewel 7, for Windows Phone. The application is still under development phase. Current version is 0.4.5 which currently doesn't have audio output and portrait only mode. The developer has stated that the application will be made available to the public "very soon" so keep an eye out for it at official blog. Screenshot and details of emulator in action after the break.

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Windows Phone Developers Free To Share Their Mango

A few days ago Microsoft issued beta bits to the official developers but as per the download agreement weren’t allowed to share any information, in the form of code, photographs, videos or screen shots, with anyone or publish them on the net. Well, not until Mango would be officially released.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the agreement (D’oh) saying it was a standard practice to prevent sharing of the pre-release code. The quote going Permission to publish content, screen shots or comments based on this pre-release code can be obtained from Microsoft on a case-by-case basis.”

Contradicting the previous statement (Woohoo), a few days later, Cliff Simpkins, a Product Manager of Windows Phone, claimed that the action was taken to prevent developers from sharing pre-release code. He also added that developers were free to share screen shots and videos of the new version without having to fear Microsoft’s ire.
Will you share your Mangoes with me?

With permission granted, expect to see lots of juicy news on WPsauce!

Source: WinRumors