Nokia’s Windows Phone Apps Will Work On Devices By Other Manufacturers Too

As a part of its deal with Microsoft, we knew that Nokia would be enhancing the software aspects of Windows Phone devices and running a special dev program as well. Commerce, mapping, carrier relations were among the key fields where Nokia will sweeten the deal.
Surprisingly, the apps that the company will create for Windows Phone will also be work on devices made by other manufacturers. Its definitely something unusual, when the norm is usually to have exclusive apps to entice consumers.

“Every Nokia App will be available on every phone,” insisted Marco Argenti, senior vice president of Developer and Marketplace at Nokia.

There will be a few exceptions but even those will lose their exclusivity after some time. Nokia’s handsets will feature their own mapping solution more prominently than Bing with a focus on discovery and 3D mapping. And its not just about releasing more and more apps, Nokia will flex its carrier muscles to add your Marketplace bills to your carrier bill, smoothing the process for its users. Not just apps, they will be utilizing the NFC chips in their devices for payments elsewhere too.

“We don’t want to branch the experience, but there are many cases where a local app might be the best in that country, but doesn’t get the coverage it deserves because it’s not big globally” – Argenti

What is certain from all this is that Argenti and Nokia aren’t leaving it just to the hardware to get people to but its devices, software is also being given equal importance.

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