More juicy Mango details: Facebook Chat, Native Check in support, Games Hub overhaul, Skydrive integration plus lot more!

The guys at Windows Phone Dev Podcast are on a roll, after revealing some really interesting Mango related features in previous podcast – this time, they have shared a huge list of upcoming *rumored* features in the Mango update.

Here’s what they discussed

  • Visual voice mail is coming: Visual Voice mail will use OMTP.
  • New battery saving features: Makes sense due monitoring requirement once Mango brings multi tasking to the platform
  • Wi Fi Hot spot:  Wi Fi hot spot will utilize NCSI technology. This will be huge if it’s coming. Carriers are smiling already though.
  • Instant messaging: Facebook chat is coming to Windows Phone 7 along with AIM support. Yes, there is a WLIM client. Rejoice.

  • Check in support : Facebook places is possibly natively integrated. People’s hub will indicate the status of users including checkins. 
  • Office Hub: Skydrive support is coming. Also, Office 365 integration is also coming with it.

  • Games Hub: Xbox live is getting a re design plus some new features. It looks more like the Xbox console dashboard and a feature called Auto Sync along with possible multi player support. 

  • People’s hub and contacts: A ‘ Group ‘ feature – sort of like a lists for Twitter. This could be extremely useful.

  • Do more with Locked Screen: Your Locked Screen will now show Album and Artist art. Also, some kind of speech feature is coming too. How would it work ? We will find out soon.

Phew! That’s a lot of features. Let’s see how many of them actually make it to the real device running Mango. Tell us what you think and don’t forget to listen to the podcast

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